Personal Response: Animal Farm

         In some countries, the book is still in banned. One of the most famous books ever was banned in Britain, and George Orwell is the author of it. The book called Animal Farm. It because of this book use animals to represent the history of the Soviet Union. Finally, it published in 1945. Therefore, in 21st century, we still have some banning books. When I finished this novel, I thought why they banned it. It makes true in this allegory. The readers need to know how did revolution occurred, the betrayed of revolution and ruthlessness of revolution. In my opinion, it should not be banned in schools. It is a good model to show students, ask them to understand what happened during that period.

          However, the donkey as a most important role in this story is my favorite.  It should be said that he is the most experience, and it’s a prophet. He always knows that it does not matter how changes, that it won’t be better, also won’t too bad. But he still lacks a kind of optimism and pursuit of freedom of courage. So we cannot be those animals, so we have to study, practice, and reading. The rights should be a kind of contract, and should not focus on a particular person’s body. So, we could learn a lot from this book, not just about the history.

           It seems that in all these animals, pigs are the most intelligent (p.16). So let pig to implement rule,   but they need a little public service of the spirit. “All animals are equal, but some animals more equal.” It is the famous words from Animal Farm. The 1st part comes from the declaration of independence and changed out. However, Washington, Jefferson and others presidents is “farm owners”, are they equal to slaves. In any society, hierarchy exists in a different way, the difficult is how to take care of the poor’s benefits. It still not solved, so Obama’s plan will be hard to solve. It needs us to care about those problems that occur around us. 

          Some people worried that it affects the relationship between Britain and the Soviet Union, after Animal Farm was published in 1945. In addition to the plot for history of irony, in detail is irony. The most famous is the Seven Commandments (p.33), or “animal socialist” principle. Also, Orwell used the development of the animal farm, the communist movement to the prediction of the future. Those predicted sealed by the Soviet Union in 1991, and upheaval in Eastern Europe. That why it had been ban for long time.

            It is not belong to the allegory familiar with contains the traditional teaching.  One more people read the Orwell, get one more the security of freedom. It encourages people live in the world of freedom, to fight for life you want. Now, students need to know it for the future, so it should not ban in the schools, or everywhere of the world.

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Personal Reflect: Animal Farm

           George Orwell, he is the author of Animal Farm. As I know, he was born in 1903. Until 1950, he died. During this period, he was written the most outstanding political allegory named Animal Farm. However, it banned by Britain Government. So, finally in 1945 it published. But in this book, it already talked about the future, it has predicted the future of social development. So in my opinion, I do like to read this book.

           In this book, I knew about in any country, which no matter cultural background. But once the country closed up the social segregation and separated with the world. The country would only be an autocratic centralized monarchy, the democracy, the beautiful future all no longer exists. They only have 2 choices, either obey or die.

          “Through the book, I learned freedom,” is a sentence which from the book. It immersed in strong harmonious society dream that is not possible make people get a happiness future. It would make the common intellectual of social continued degradation. By that time, we even might not equal to those animals.

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Animal Farm is the most famous literary of political allegorical novel in the world, is the masterpiece of Orwell. Also, it talks about the same with the history of Soviet and the whole of the 20th century history of international communist movement by the critics’ analysis. Until today, in many parties or ever ruling the country all can see the similar shadow of Animal Farm.

It describes the process that the oppressed animals against human gain the freedom and democracy. But eventually fell on another tyranny that the purpose is to reveal the myth of the Soviet Union and the causes of failure revolution, and might even to the collapse of the Soviet Union. According to the historical facts and stories in the animal farm that it will analyze failure for the revolutionary cause and consequences of revolution. Also, it tried to discuss the practical significance of the novel self and the collapse of the Soviet Union, including memory, attention of history, testing and balance totalitarianism and identification function. Orwell who is agrees to the Marxist basic principle, but he cannot accept the explanation of communist and socialist. That why he saw many similar in those parties.

According to the novel, the power is the reason made them lose everything they created. Even they were foolishness, they did have the beautiful hope to change their life. As we know, even it put forward by the Old Major, other animals they are all involved into it. They were being together to against Mr. Jones, and the human. When the Old Major told to them his plans, everyone thought is impossible. They are animals, how can they against their master, they need to eat, they need a place to live, but they do not know if without the farmer. So, they never consider about it, but after the speech of the Old Major.He said, “Our lives are miserable, laborious, ……The life of an animal is misery and salary: that is the plain truth.”(p.18) They did, even no too strong, until they did, they drove him out of the farm. “Jones and his men suddenly found themselves being butted and kicked from all sides. The situation was ……with the animals pursuing them in triumph.”(p.29)

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Analysis of Characters and Conflict

Animal Farm was written by George Orwell. In this novel, I thought the most interesting character is the pig. In the beginning, a head of named Old Major who is a pig, he expressed the animals to build a place out of human slavery before he died. He said all animals have rights to enjoy the free. Then, after he died, 2 heads of those animals Snowball and Napoleon, they were planning the uprising and drove the farmer Jones and other human beings, set up the “Animal Farm” of their new world, their own world.

There is a substantial amount of conflicts that happen in this story. As the animals versus Mr. Jones; Napoleon versus Snowball and etc. As we know, the animals are under the oppression of Mr. Jones, that he always drunk. When he drunk that he cannot remember give food to the animals, and he always give them little food to eat. Also, he will to sell those eggs laid by the hen, let them work every day, however food is very few, and he will flip them by a whip. He does not care about those animals, he cares can they make money for him. Therefore, those animals angry, they are resisting. They drove him out of the farm.

However, we will think they drove Mr. Jones out of the farm; they would have a free, peace world and live in. But in their own farm, even they believe in “all animals are equal”, they still have some problems between them. The main conflict is between Napoleon and Snowball. Those two who are the leader in this group, they helped others animals to live, how to work, when do they meet together, how can they beat the human and etc. But after, Napoleon does not just be one of leader. He wants to control this whole farm by himself, not share with others. Then, he sent out of his dogs to bit Snowball. So, Snowball he left the farm. Everything is going to be that Napoleon hopes.

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Background Research

        Animal Farm is a most important work by the famous British writer George Orwell. He used animals against human to protests their homes that represents the entire history of the Soviet Union case. It was written in the form of metaphor that write the revolution happened and the betrayal of the revolution, natural and revolutionary cruel. It recognized as the most outstanding political allegory of the 20th century. However, it banned during the Soviet Union, also banned in the U.S. until1980 by anti-Communist. Animal Farm banned by history, because it effectively demonstrates the importance of democracy and freedom of speech. Therefore, until today it still relevant corruption and with wrong in a worker’s revolution.

        George Orwell, his name at birth is Eric Arthur Blair. He was born in India in 1903. At that time, his father worked in the colonies for local government. He always said that he belongs to “lower middle class, or no money middle family.” When 1904, his mother took him back to the England. He was an extremely talented that he published a poem in a newspaper when he was 11. When in 1928, he changed his name to George Orwell, he started his new life. Then, when the Spanish Civil War broke out, he considered about defend democracy socialism. However, he wrote Animal Farm and 1984 these 2 books to influence us. Just because this book, once again stressed the Orwell’s totalitarian dangerous. So, it was banned in the Soviet Union, even in the U.S, that they thought Orwell is a communist. Orwell, his books were banned during the World War II in Britain. So, he had prepared a preface for British Government’s censorship that they suppress his books. He wrote about In Britain, they are self-imposed British self- censorship, but just because the Britain and the Soviet Union they are ally during the WWII. So the Britain government suppressed Orwell’s books. Finally in 1945, the Animal Farm was first published in English.

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